On The Road with Brilliant Beverages

Why not meet people's drink needs on the spot? And add fun where ever we go, no matter what type of event? And what if we could help people raise money in the process?

Food trucks have evolved from small carts selling hot dogs on the streets to beautiful vans selling the best in customized food. They have met the needs of people to have great food anywhere they go. Drinks are evolving also. Check out the line in Starbucks or Dunkin anytime of the day. Check out what people are ordering as it is evolving rapidly. They are ordering the likes of frozen cappuccinos, iced coffee, iced tea, smoothies and of course when its coffee or lattes it needs to fresh. But when you go outside of the store to a festival or an event the coffee is stale, or it’s only a can of soda available and the beverages they want are not there.

The idea of “Brilliant Beverages” was conceived in Delran NJ based on the premise that as peoples needs around drinks continue to evolve, then why not meet their needs and bring it to them wherever they are? And why not compliment the great path that food truck entrepreneurs have laid down?

Our plan was simple, we will create a beverage van that will bring the beverages that people want directly to them, add in our extensive experience in the beverage industry and selectively hire great people to serve our customers with respect, all to create a “WOW experience” for our customers.

To deliver that “WOW experience”, we have built a brand new state of the art customized van, we have some of the best beverage equipment in the industry and we have the best of ingredients that allows us to deliver a unique menu of frozen, cold and hot beverages directly to our customers.If you want a “WOW experience” then call us on 856-393- 3001 for details on how to book us.

  • We serve only the best.
  • Featuring hot, cold & frozen beverages.
  • Fast and nice service.
  • Added fun guaranteed.

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Relax! We will serve your guests their favorite beverages! CONTACT US FOR ANY EVENT: Weddings, Birthday Parties, Bar Mitzvah's, Concerts, Even Corporate Outings. You say, PARTY...WE ARE THERE.